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Because of the Brave: Seven Holidays in Stone Rivers (PREORDER)

Because of the Brave: Seven Holidays in Stone Rivers (PREORDER)

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How does one file for a divorce they don’t want but think the other does?

Jennifer Jones-Holt never thought she would become a mother, but after several heartbreaking miscarriages, she is now relishing her third trimester and the life she is creating for herself, even if she just received divorce papers from her husband, Patrick—papers that she never wanted.

As an Army officer, Patrick Holt is on the brink of retirement, but he is still weighing his options as an active recruiter and considering re-enlisting. Although he never wanted to file for divorce from Jennifer, he felt it was the only solution given her unhappiness.

When a 4th of July celebration brings Patrick back to Stone Rivers and Jennifer's life, he is shocked to find out that she is carrying his child and that she kept the pregnancy a secret from him.

Will Jennifer and Patrick be able to rediscover the love they once shared, or will their past conflicts push them to sign the divorce papers for good?

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely fantastic Christian Novel

After ten years of marriage to an officer in the Army, whom she dearly loves, and with whom she suffered through 5 miscarriages, causing so much stress and frustration, Jennifer finally asked Patrick to move out. She stayed in Stone River where her bakery and their home was, as well as her Dad and 5 siblings. A couple of months after Patrick left, Jennifer realized she was pregnant, again, but she didn’t want Patrick back JUST because of the baby, but for her! Her Dad and all her siblings have believed that she had told her husband about the baby, so when she is served divorce papers, which is what she seemed to want, they were very upset with Patrick! A few days after his lawyer informed him that she had been served, he couldn’t stand it any longer and he drove to Stone River to tell her he just wanted to tear up the papers and come home! When he walked into her bakery, Jennifer heard his voice and immediately tried to hide behind the counter but Patrick followed her. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, shockingly. “I didn’t want you to just come back to me because there was a baby!”, Jennifer said. They knew, looking into each other’s eyes, that they still loved each other and wanted to reconcile their marriage. However, as real life goes, obstacles come up, which I will have to let you read about-including Jennifer’s Dad’s shocking confession, which could change their whole family’s dynamics!! This book is definitely a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the next installment!! This is an excellent 5 star 🌟 book!!