Wagon Train Women

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Her Wagon Train Husband

Abby Johnson is on the run from an arranged marriage she never wanted. In an effort to escape her fate, she embarks on a journey to Oregon on a wagon train.

William Campbell is being pursued by the Pinkertons for a crime he did not commit. He knows his brother is the real culprit, but with the Pinkertons closing in, he must quickly find a way out. His solution is to join the next wagon train headed west and far away from Missouri.

When Abby discovers she cannot join the wagon train without a husband, she hatches a plan with William to pretend to be married until they reach Oregon. Despite their vastly different personalities, the two must work together to ensure their safe arrival. But what happens when the Pinkertons finally catch up with William and arrest him? Can he prove his innocence and clear his name? The journey to Oregon is full of challenges and compromises, but one thing is for certain: nothing will be the same for Abby and William after they reach their destination.

Her Wagon Train Soldier

Once betrothed to one of New York's most desirable bachelors, Emma Ford never imagined that she would be cast out of high society. However, her father's financial downfall leads not only to the loss of their wealth but also the loss of her fiancé's love. With her brother, she sets out for Montana, seeking a fresh start after being devastated and shamed.

James Garrison never desired a posting at a remote fort, but that's exactly where he ends up. Disenchanted and apathetic, he receives orders from his commander to accompany a wagon train on their treacherous journey across the plains, providing protection along the way.

When bandits attack the wagon train, James and Emma are caught up in a dangerous conflict. Can James defend the travelers and their possessions? Or will the bandits succeed in stealing their horses, cattle, and even the fair-haired Emma who has captured James's heart?

Her Wagon Train Cowboy

With the mysterious death of her husband and a baby on the way, Lillian Jones faces an uncertain future. To avoid debt collectors and protect herself, she and her parents flee Missouri for the frontier.

Everette Ford, struggling with the family's tarnished reputation, sets out on a journey to start anew. Despite trying to move on by becoming a cowboy and taking care of cattle on the wagon train, he is still haunted by his past.

As Lillian's parents observe the growing connection between their daughter and the lonely cowboy, they hatch a plan to secure her safety. But with their own secrets and guilt to overcome, can Lillian and Everette find solace in each other, or will the truth prove too much to bear?

Her Wagon Train Doctor

Sadie Monroe’s dream of working alongside her fiancé as a nurse is shattered when he tells her she will not be part of his practice. She joins her father, John, on a journey to Idaho via a wagon train to Oregon, where he has taken up a job as the town doctor of a new town.

Charles Holden, a physician, has abandoned his practice after a tragic medical mistake cost him his wife’s life. He sets out on a journey with a wagon train to Oregon, hoping to keep his past and profession a secret.

When tragedy strikes Sadie’s father, John, Charles is the only one who can save him despite his reservations and fear. Will he overcome them and come to the rescue? And what happens when the treatment requires more than he can handle alone?

Her Wagon Train Pinkerton

Charlotte McLaren is on a mission to find the murderer of her father. Despite her attempts to track down the culprit, she has come up empty-handed. Determined to find answers, she enlists the help of a detective. Their investigation leads them to believe the killer has fled to Oregon, leading Charlotte and her uncle Ned to join a wagon train heading west in pursuit.

Nicolas Kelly has just taken on a new role as a Pinkerton detective in the Oregon Territory. When news reaches him that a wanted murderer has been spotted near Fort Boise, he sets out to capture the culprit before anyone else can. He joins a wagon train headed west, believing it to be a possible hiding place for the man. But little does he know that one of the passengers, Charlotte, is also on the hunt for the same murderer.

Will Charlotte find the man who killed her father? Or will Nicolas get in the way of everything she’s worked for and let the man who killed her father slip through her fingers?

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