Seven Holidays in Stone Rivers

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Wild About You

In the quaint town of Stone Rivers, a war is brewing between local flower shop owner Nicole Jones and the brooding yet handsome country western star Derek Moore. When Derek refuses to allow the town to use the barn on his property for the annual Valentine's Day Dance, Nicole takes it upon herself to challenge him and fight for the legacy of the event.

As tensions rise, it becomes clear that Derek is hiding something from the town, and Nicole must get to the bottom of it before the dance of a lifetime is ruined. With conflicting desires, neither of them is willing to back down, but as they face off, sparks begin to fly, and they soon discover that their biggest battle may be with their own hearts. Who will win the war of the barn, and what will become of the Stone River's Valentine's Day Dance?

Just "Write" for Me

Aspiring author Rachel Jones has finally achieved her dream of owning the bookstore in the charming town of Stone Rivers. With books as her refuge, she sets out to turn her dream into a successful business and a new chapter in her life. Unfortunately, the realities of the business world have other ideas. Can she rise to the challenge and make her dream a reality, or will the pressures of running a business prove too much to handle?

Despite the success of his popular fantasy series, author Christopher Hayes finds himself suffocated by the demands of his publisher, agent, and fans. After a heated argument on his book tour, he decides to escape to a small town, where he finds solace in a local bookstore run by an owner who has no idea of his true identity. But as Christopher becomes more involved with the bookstore, its owner, and the town’s Easter Festival, he realizes that he must face the realities of his fame. Will he be able to reconcile his passion for writing with the demands of his career, or will he continue to run away from the life he has built for himself?

Because of the Brave

How does one file for a divorce they don’t want but think the other does?

Jennifer Jones-Holt never thought she would become a mother, but after several heartbreaking miscarriages, she is now relishing her third trimester and the life she is creating for herself, even if she just received divorce papers from her husband, Patrick—papers that she never wanted.

As an Army officer, Patrick Holt is on the brink of retirement, but he is still weighing his options as an active recruiter and considering re-enlisting. Although he never wanted to file for divorce from Jennifer, he felt it was the only solution given her unhappiness.

When a 4th of July celebration brings Patrick back to Stone Rivers and Jennifer's life, he is shocked to find out that she is carrying his child and that she kept the pregnancy a secret from him.

Will Jennifer and Patrick be able to rediscover the love they once shared, or will their past conflicts push them to sign the divorce papers for good?

Clean & Wholesome Contemporary Romance

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