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Her Oregon Trail Doctor

Plucked from a life of uncertainty at a bordello, Lark Brockwood finds herself at the mercy of fate. A ward of the Kensington Orphanage since she was little and scarred by her past experiences with men, she dreads the prospect of being forced to join a wagon train bound for Oregon in search of eligible husbands.

A man haunted by the loss of his family, Dr. Carter Evans travels west to start anew and leave the memories of his past behind. After he sets his sights on the guarded and alluring Lark, he finds himself drawn to her despite her attempts to keep him at bay.

When an outbreak of measles threatens the lives of everyone on the wagon train, including Lark, the journey west takes a dangerous turn. With Lark's health rapidly deteriorating, Carter must do everything in his power to save her, even if it means laying bare his own vulnerabilities to prove to her that she is deserving of love and that she’s worth fighting for.

Will they be able to overcome their pasts and forge a future together, or will their love be lost to the peril of their journey? This is a timeless tale of love, redemption, and the power of second chances, set against the backdrop of the American West and a time when anything was possible, and the future was unwritten.

Her Oregon Trail Miner

Cora Randall has always longed for a family of her own. After losing her parents at a young age, she is desperate for the security and love that only a family can bring. So when the opportunity arises for her to journey to Oregon in search of love and marriage, she eagerly embarks on the adventure, keeping her eyes on every available bachelor on the wagon train.

A man driven by his passion for gold, Mason Scott travels from one mining town to the next in search of his next big strike. A lone wolf of a miner with a sharp eye for gold, he keeps to himself on the journey west, staying clear of the rest of the travelers and anyone who looks in his direction.

When another woman on the wagon train is murdered by one of the travelers, Cora finds herself in grave danger, with no one to turn to but the mysterious and reserved miner. As they face the dangers of the frontier together, their mutual attraction grows stronger. But can they outwit the killer before it's too late? Or will their dreams of love and family be shattered by the terror that threatens to follow them at every step? Suspense and romance collide in this historical tale of love and adventure as two lost souls strive to find their way in a world of danger and uncertainty.

Her Oregon Trail Blacksmith

Harper McCall is a passionate teacher who has always dreamed of a new adventure. When the headmistress at the orphanage decides to take the women to Oregon, Harper finds comfort and joy in teaching the children on the wagon train. Little does she know, this journey will not only change her life but also her heart.

Brooks Campbell, a skilled blacksmith, is used to working with his hands, but when he sees Harper's teaching skills, he realizes that there is so much more he wants to learn. He musters up the courage to ask Harper for help in learning to read and write and soon finds himself falling deeply in love with her.

However, when a tragedy strikes the wagon train, Brooks is filled with guilt and blames himself for the pain he has caused. Harper must convince him that the accident was not his fault and help him overcome the guilt that threatens to tear him apart. Can Harper help him overcome his guilt and find redemption, or will the weight of his mistakes tear them apart before they reach their final destination in Oregon?

Her Oregon Trail Rancher

On the rugged landscapes of the Oregon Trail, Grace's kindness towards a young boy named Henry leads to an unexpected twist of fate. Her world, once confined to hidden scars and a past filled with both warmth and anguish, is about to be broadened in ways she never imagined.

Haunted by a tormented past, Luke, a former Pinkerton agent, hoped the trail would be a path to a new life, free from the shadows of his old one. Desperate to forge a peaceful future for his son and to escape the memories of a life he's tried to leave behind, when the echoes of danger threaten the safety of the wagon train, he's faced with a harrowing choice: face the specters of his past or risk losing the ones he's come to care about the most.

As their paths intertwine, the wagon train's journey is fraught with peril. Bandits, untamed wilderness, and the very ghosts of their histories threaten to pull them apart. As bandits close in and secrets unravel, the bonds of love and trust are tested.

Will Grace and Luke's promise of a new beginning be their guiding star or their ultimate undoing?

Her Oregon Trail Wagon Master

Winona never anticipated for love to cross her path. But a stolen kiss one evening and meeting a stranger the next thrusts her into a heart's turmoil: choosing between a steadfast journalist offering stability and Weston, a mysterious wagon master who has made her head spin for the last several months on the Oregon Trail.

Scarred by the trials of life, Weston has always sworn off love. But finding himself drawn to Winona, he starts to see that perhaps it was wrong of him to guard his heart and vow never to love. Just when he’s ready to give his feelings a chance, a stranger steps in, proposing marriage to Winona and wrecking all Weston’s plans.

Amidst the wild beauty of the frontier, Winona and Weston's emotions clash, leading to choices that could change the course of their lives. As they confront their pasts and face an uncertain future, one question remains: will Winona choose the stability Norm offers or the wild, unpredictable love she shares with Weston? This is a timeless tale set at a time when life's most important choices were made under the vast open skies, and love could be found in the most unexpected places.

Clean & Wholesome Historical Romance

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