Love and the Four Seasons

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Love and the Pear Pie Wars

"All is fair in love and the Pear Pie Wars."

In the world of love and pastry, nothing is off-limits. Tori Bevan grew up listening to her grandmother's mantra as she tirelessly competed against her arch-nemesis, Ben Holden, in the annual Clarksville Pear Festival pie competition. Despite Grandma Bevan's best efforts, the blue ribbon has eluded her for more years than she wants to admit, always falling into the hands of the Holden family. But this year, Tori is determined to change the outcome and win the prize once and for all.

Dane Holden fled his small hometown and his grandparents' pear farm with no intention of looking back. But when his business ventures flop, leaving him jobless and homeless, he has no choice but to return for the annual festival at the request of his grandfather.

Despite her initial animosity towards him, Tori begins to find herself drawn to her ex after all these years. But just as things heat up between the two, Dane's past comes back to haunt him, threatening to destroy everything Tori has worked towards.

Will the Bevan family finally claim victory and reign supreme at the festival? Or will the Holden dynasty continue its reign and hold onto the coveted blue ribbon once more?

Love and the Beach House

Lexi Carter has a love relationship with her boyfriend, Shane, and a love-hate relationship with cars. However, after catching Shane in the act with another woman, she's faced with a choice: waste thousands on a trip to see the Coke Zero 400 or lose the money. So, off to sunny Daytona, she goes, ready for a relaxing beach getaway.

Racecar driver Max Stone has his sights set on the NASCAR Championship Series. With wins and qualifying points under his belt, he's in the prime of his career. That is until tainted gas is found in his car, sending him into a scandal that could end his season. To escape the press, Max retreats to a rented beach house in Daytona, awaiting his trial.

Stuck sharing a beach house, Max and Lexi's vacation takes an unexpected turn. Can they turn this awkward situation into a winning moment? Will Max's racing career go the distance, or will it crash and burn in scandal? Buckle up for a heart-pumping tale of love and speed.

Love and the Harvest Festival

Fall in love with the season and with each other in Brook Haven. Julia Williams is on a mission to make the town's annual Fall Festival the most romantic and memorable celebration yet. With a spark of creativity and years of planning, she has everything from charming games to cozy booth themes to a daring "win a man, win a date" auction, all ready to bring love to the crisp autumn air. But when she meets Wes Rivers, the handsome, new inn owner who not only drives her crazy but who has different ideas for the festival, sparks fly, and so do the disagreements. As they work together to create the ultimate town attraction—a town size hay bale maze—Julia and Wes soon find themselves lost in its twists and turns, both physically and emotionally.

Will they reach their destination and each other's hearts? Or will their differences keep them apart? Only time will tell in this charming and romantic tale.

Love and the Christmas Inn

Michelle Rivers and Briggs Bevan have their hearts set on owning the perfect property in Colorado, but only one can come out on top. With visions of a winter wonderland and a holiday season filled with joy, they both want the inn to be theirs.Two guests, two dreams, one inn. What could possibly go wrong?Unable to decide which offer to choose, the inn's owners issue a challenge---whoever can run the inn better during their stay wins the deal. But when these two guests clash on every decision, will it be a merry Christmas, or will the battle for the escrow papers end in a holiday showdown? Find out in this heartwarming tale of two people, two dreams, and one unforgettable inn.

Clean & Wholesome Contemporary Romance

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