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Five mail order brides set out west for new lives in the Montana Frontier. Their stories are different and yet there is one thing that they share--they are all looking for love and happiness. Will they find it in the town of Lone Hollow? 

Cullen McCray is a man haunted by loss. With his first wife's ghost a constant presence in his mind, he shuns the world, seeking solace alone in the mountains. But fate has other plans, and when tragedy strikes and his estranged brother, Clint, dies, Cullen is left to pick up the pieces and care for Clint's young daughter. As he struggles to deal with his newfound responsibilities, a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be Clint's fiancée and the future Mrs. McCray.

Maggie Colton is a city girl with dreams of a life filled with love and adventure, but she soon realizes the reality of her situation is far from what she expected. Upon her arrival in Lone Hollow, she discovers that her fiancé is dead, and her new home is a crumbling ranch house, a dilapidated guest house, and a barn in dire need of repair.