Featherstone Valley

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Blessings in Featherstone Valley

Widow Sarah Holden has lived a content life, or at least she believes she has. Finding solace in the routine of owning the inn in Featherstone Valley, she often ignores how her husband's absence weighs heavily on her and how she has become a shallow version of herself she no longer recognizes.

Jack Boone, a pastor seeking refuge from haunting memories, arrives in Featherstone, drawn by the promise of a new beginning with a new town and a new congregation. With his eyes set on the lovely widow who owns the inn, he’s hopeful he can show her God’s love and promises in more ways than one.

Can they overcome their hesitations and allow their love to blossom? Or will the arrival of Jack’s estranged son, Patrick, who brings his own unresolved grief, shatter their delicate dance between love and past wounds?

Clean & Wholesome Historical Romance

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