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Another Yesterday

"You never get another yesterday . . ."It's something my mother used to always say, and although I heard the words, I never really knew what they meant. At least not until my life had utterly fallen apart.

1966 ~ Nineteen, alone, and with a baby on her hip, Maggie flees from all she knows. Finding herself in Shadow Brook, a small town off the coast of Maine, Maggie begins to rebuild her life working at an inn, making new friends, and finding love again. Her only problem is a past she wishes to hide from and keeping secrets that could shatter her daughter's world.

1996 ~ Rachel never wanted her mother's life, but after finding her husband in bed with another woman and her mother's untimely death, Rachel finds herself not only back in Shadow Brook, but facing the realization what she thought she never wanted was exactly what she was getting. When Rachel comes across a box of her mother's old journals in the attic, her whole world begins to unravel, and Rachel learns the truth her mother has hidden for thirty years.

Two lives. Two Stories. One fateful afternoon family secrets are uncovered from the past.

Beneath the African Sky

After spending six weeks out in the bush in South Africa working at the Freedom to Live Wildlife Sanctuary, Lynette had not only learned how to take care of wild exotic animals—the reason for her trip and to help her with her zoology degree—but she’d also fallen in love. Unfortunately, responsibilities back at home in the States forced her to walk away from the sanctuary and the man she loved. Heartbroken, she boarded a plane for home and never looked back.

Kate knows two things—one, thirty years ago, her mother studied abroad in South Africa, and two, she‘s been different ever since. Kate just doesn’t know why. After learning that her cancer is back with a vengeance and finding her mother’s old love letters from a mysterious man at the sanctuary, Kate decides neither she nor her mother can wait any longer. She plans the trip of a lifetime—and under false pretenses—to get her mother back to South Africa, embarking on a quest against what little time she has left to rekindle her mother’s love with the man Kate has only read about in the secret letters.

Lost on the Atlantic

The gossip had spread across Ireland. People talked of her speed, size, and how even God couldn’t sink her.

Titanic—the ship that could forever change their lives.

With Ireland on the brink of war, passengers Siobhan and her husband Declan board the luxury steamer headed to America. While her husband dreams of a better life in a new country, she dreams of a life on stage, singing for audiences young and old. Having read the stories from her husband during the three years he helped build the ship, Siobhan is excited to see all the lavishness carved into every inch from the bow to the stern. Unfortunately, their third-class tickets hinder their ability to explore the deepest secrets of the first-class areas.

Determined to experience all the ship has to offer, they steal clothes from the cargo hold and pose as members of the elite, vowing to talk to no one. Their devious plan goes awry, however, as they soon find themselves not only invited to dinners and parties, but they are making friends with the rich and famous interested in helping Siobhan’s dream come true. Can they run the con long enough to make it to New York? Or will their lies catch up with them? And will it matter when the ship is headed toward a fate no one thought possible?

A Terrible Glory

"It is observed that in any great endeavor, it is not enough for a person to depend solely on himself." ~ Lakota Proverb

They called it a terrible glory and the last great battle for the American West. While the battle of the Little Bighorn was the last stand by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer against the Lakota tribes, to Lily Sinclair, it was the last stand between her old life and her new beginning.

After her in-laws squander away the family fortune, Lily and her husband, Alfred, head out west to the mountains of Montana, the only land available to poor people and far away from the debts haunting them. When a band of Cherokee warriors attacks their wagon train along the way, they kill her husband and take her captive, selling her to a Lakota tribe for the price of several horses.

Widowed Lakota warrior Tahatan has vowed never to take another bride after his wife’s death. However, he soon finds himself forced into a marriage with the outspoken, yellow-haired Yankee who challenges every thought in his head.

With Custer's sights set on the hidden gold in the depths of the Black Hills, the Colonel begins his warpath on the tribe villages. Can Lily overcome the demons of her past and defend Tahatan and his people? Or will she betray them all for the actions against her dead husband?

Women's Historical Fiction

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