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Brand yourself with a beautiful logo!

Long Valley Press and Designs specializes in providing stunning logos for your author business. Once a logo is purchased it will be removed from our website as an option for another to buy.


Premade Logos (includes three logos: main, secondary, and watermark) $20.00 for the three in the set. All logo sets are sold together and will not be separated.

Floral Logo (Includes four logos: main, secondary, and two watermark logos) $25.00 for each group of four. All logo sets are sold together and will not be separated.

After placing your order, please send an email with your order number in the subject line. In the body of the email send the logo name, and if you desire, the decorative border number and texture color (Premade logos come with one choice of a border and color, scroll down for colors and slide show of borders–there are over a hundred and fifty to choose from) you want to purchase and the name and tagline you wish to use to:


Floral logos do not come with texture colors but can have decorative borders added.

Once a logo is purchased, it will be removed from the site.

Price includes a one-time edit and adjustment. After acceptance, all files will be considered final. Payment in full is required at the time of purchase. All sales are final. No returns or refunds.


Floral Logos (50 to choose from)

Premade Logos Collection One

Premade Logos Collection Two

Premade Logos Collection Three

Texture Colors (click on the color to get the color number)