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Not open for business – Launching Fall 2019

Ramp up your promotion and bring a unique twist to your book covers with these beautiful images from The Image Apothecary!

Although the images are not exclusive, they are custom shot by the award-winning photographer and designer, Regina Wamba, and will make your marketing pop with a boost that will make you stand out in the crowd!

After ordering, please email your cover and spine (if buying images with paperback or hardcover books where the spine is required) to:

  • Reference your Order Number in the subject line of the email
  • List image numbers ordering
  • List any text taglines if you wish for text to be added to the images.
If ordering multiple images with multiple covers, please list which images you want with which covers.

For example: Cover #1, on images #X, #X, #X. Cover #2, on images #X, #X, #X.

An individual image is considered as: one background with one cover.

If you have multiple covers, for example, three books and you wish for all of them to have their own image then you will need to purchase three separate images. Images with two or more books in it will count as one image and will be priced as such.

Payment in full is required at the time of purchase. All sales are final. No returns.

Proof copies of images will be sent for approval and the price includes a one-time adjustment to the text. Once approved, images will be sent to your email and will be considered as final.

Images are free of any copyright laws. We must state, however, you are not buying the images. You are buying the service of Long Valley Designs to insert your cover into the images and will receive a copy of that image.


Individual Images (without text)                             $ 10.00

Package of Five (5) Images (without text)            $ 40.00

Package of Ten (10) Images (without text)          $ 70.00

Individual Images (with text)                                    $ 15.00

Package of Five (5) Images (with text)                   $ 65.00

Package of Ten (10) Images (with text)                $110.00


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