2017 Announcements and Scheduled Releases #sweetandspicyromance #writing #amwriting #romance #historicalromance #chicklit

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Long Valley Press is scaling back. While the business will continue to publish titles for Angela Christina Archer, it will be from behind closed doors and without social media such as a weekly blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

We have decided not to continue in the hopes or with the plans of accepting new authors and expanding. Thank you for your support over the last three years. It meant the world to us.

Happy New Year to everyone! Good luck to you and yours.

As for the schedules releases for 2017 . . .

~May 2017~

A Road Paved in Copper

Men. Either they want to love her or they want to kill her.

From the dirt and grime of her gold mines in Nevada to the fanciest hotel rooms on the streets of San Francisco, Ava De La Vega lives exactly how she desires: free of attachments and commitments. She enjoys her wealth, spending her money on fine wines, decadent meals, and the company of attractive young men that she tosses away by morning. Her only true love is gold, silver, and the ever sought-after copper.

Unfortunately, for Ava, she doesn’t see Craig coming.

A miner from the snowy Klondike, Craig Harrison now lives in a comfortable, lush apartment in the city. He isn’t looking for a job—especially one that could get him killed. However, the allure of complicated and beautiful Ava won’t allow him to say no to her.

When attacks by claim jumpers become a deadly problem rather than just an annoyance, Ava and Craig are forced to face the ultimate cost to protect her mines, her land, and even each other.


2 thoughts on “2017 Announcements and Scheduled Releases #sweetandspicyromance #writing #amwriting #romance #historicalromance #chicklit

    • authorangelachristinaarcher says:

      The titles I will continue to publish under the name is my own. I thought about doing others, but time just isn’t there for me. The business isn’t closed, it’s just not open for the public. As for my own, I am still focusing on them, but I’m going to slow down a little. I need to really get my attention back on the girls and homeschooling them. It’s a sad choice, but for the better.


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