2016 Announcements and Scheduled Releases #sweetandspicyromance #amreading #historicalromance #romance #contemporaryromance

2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for Long Valley Press as this year will be the first year for Long Valley Press published titles by author Angela Christina Archer.

~ MARCH 2016 ~


Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929—the day the stock market crashed, and the day Evelyn Ford will never forget.

With the untimely death of her parents and the loss of their only income, Evelyn, and her brother, Frank flee to a make-shift hovel built in Central Park.

After Frank mysteriously goes missing, bare cupboards force Evelyn to seek employment anywhere she can find work—even if that means working at a burlesque theater.

Catching the attention of Don Vincent Giovanni, a Kingpin in the New York mafia, Evelyn discovers that Frank is serving time in prison for running hooch. And, that he owes Vincent a lot of money. To pay off her brother’s debt, Evenly is thrust into the world of mobsters and bootlegging.

Soon, Evelyn finds herself drawn to Max Catalano, Vincent’s Consigliere. Between running  of alcohol all over the city of New York and trying to free her brother, Evelyn entangles herself, not only in a web of lies, but in the middle of the New York mafia crime wars.


~ NOVEMBER 2016 ~


After Tim, her fiancé leaves her at the altar, and Travis, a blind date, stands her up, Helen Wright is done with love.

Married to her real estate career instead, all on Helen’s mind is selling her top listed house so she can finally buy the home of her dreams and rid herself from apartment living and the person parking in her parking space.

When her best friend, Lisa informs her that she’s getting married in Bora Bora, Helen packs her bags for a much-needed vacation and boards a plane with both excitement and hesitation.

Alone in paradise, Helen comes face to face with handsome Rick Stark, who is also in Bora Bora alone. They agree to share their vacation, but nothing else, vowing not to disclose any personal information about one another.

Can they really spend a week together with no strings attached and stick to their agreement?


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